Q&A session with Anna Radzikowska is now available in recording. Find out the answers to the most popular Kanban questions!

The first KMM Plus Insider Community event took place online on the 30th of June 2022. The Q&A session with Kanban Coach and Trainer Anna Radzikowska gathered the most active KMM Plus subscribers from all over the world. During the session, Anna responded to the questions that the KMM Plus team received from their Insiders beforehand as well as the most popular Kanban questions that are frequently asked by the Kanban practitioners. Participants also got a chance to ask their own questions on the way and participate in an open discussion with the present Kanban experts.

Watch the recording of the session to find out the answers to the following questions:

1.      Can we use Kanban where there is a demand to know when we would deliver features in the long term?

2.      What are the best and the worst circumstances to use Kanban?

3.      Can tickets move backward on the board?

4.      What are the essential Kanban metrics to track?

5.      Can we apply the KMM alongside the other methods?

6.      Should you always take into account the size of the team while establishing the WIP limit?

7.      How is Kanban useful in Product and Project Management?

8.      What is Lead and Cycle time? ... and more.

The recording is now available for free on kmm.plus. Create your free account now and get access to the selected Kanban content for your self-education with KMM Plus!

Would you like to ask your questions? Subscribe to KMM Plus Basic or Professional plans and become a KMM Plus Insider Community member to participate in KMM Plus limited access events! Looking forward to seeing you among our Insiders!

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