Become a part of the KMM Plus Insider Community!

May 23, 2022 2 min read
Become a part of the KMM Plus Insider Community!

KMM Plus launches special activities program for their subscribers’ community. Subscribe to and become a KMM Plus Insider to participate in its limited access events.

KMM Plus Insider Community is a community of forward-thinking, bright people who want to know more about the Kanban Method and use it to make their businesses more agile. These are KMM Plus subscribers who are interested in knowledge and continuous improvement and want to keep their finger on the pulse of how the Kanban Method is evolving. They want to learn more and are willing to share their knowledge with others. They are at the forefront of this area, they explore, try, learn, and inspire others by their example.

If you want to be one of the Insiders, subscribe to KMM Plus! Learn the Kanban Method and get access to all the educational materials if you want to share your knowledge with others.

How to become a part of the KMM Plus Insider Community?

If you are a paid subscriber of KMM Plus, having either a basic or professional subscription on an annual or monthly basis, you automatically become a part of the KMM Plus Insider Community.

What does it mean to be a part of the KMM Plus Insiders Community?

As KMM Plus Insider, you will be receiving special emails about the Community activities and special offers. KMM Plus Team is planning to organize special quarterly events for their Insiders, such as Q&A sessions with experts where Insiders will be able to ask their own Kanban-related questions. These activities may also include exclusive webinars with guests, draws, and special offers.

To be able to receive these emails, please, make sure you are subscribed to KMM Plus newsletter. Subscribe here if you haven’t done it yet!

When will be the next KMM Plus Insider Community event?

So, let’s start! The first event will be a Q&A session with Kanban Trainer and KMM Plus Product Manager Anna Radzikowska, on the 30th of June at 6 PM CEST. Soon, KMM Plus Insiders will receive their personalized emails with the link to a form, where they can leave their questions, and the registration form for the online event.

Would you like to ask your questions? Subscribe to KMM Plus and become a KMM Plus Insider to participate in KMM Plus limited access events! Looking forward to seeing you among our Insiders!

Any question? Contact us!

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