KMM 1.3 Updates to the Managed Evolution poster

Jul 14, 2022 2 min read
KMM 1.3 Updates to the Managed Evolution poster

In the first half of 2022, we introduced updates to the Practice Map Poster clustering all transition sub-level practices with consolidation practices.

You can read more about those changes in the article KMM 1.3 updates to the Practice poster.

To keep the changes consistent through all KMM-related assets, we also decided to update the Managed Evolution Poster.

The list of changes covers:

  1. Aggregating  all transition sub-levels with lower-level maturity consolidation  practices (e.g., ML1 Transition practices are grouped together with ML0  Consolidation practices at Maturity Level 0):

2. Following  that change, all Feedback Loops from transition sub-level practices  were moved up (e.g., the transition practice FL 2.1 Conduct Workflow  Replenishment Meeting was aggregated together with ML1 consolidation  practices at Maturity Level 1):

3. “Column WIP limit” stressor moved from Maturity Level 2 to Maturity Level 3 and was clustered with other ML3 stressors:

4. Two new stressors were added at Maturity Level 2 (Focus on customer-valued work and Responsibility for flow):

This change will be part of the official KMM 1.3 release and is now available for download for KMM+ users. Download the poster here.

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