Kanban Maturity Model – Start Change With Heart

Jul 24, 2020 2 min read
Kanban Maturity Model – Start Change With Heart

Use the Kanban Maturity Model to make your Agile initiative desirable through Culture, feasible through Practices, viable through Outcomes and Managed Evolution.

People who have been involved in  organizational change initiatives know that culture is the key factor  that determines if the change perdures and thrives or fades gradually.

Culture is what people like, value,  appreciate, find correct and motivating to do something for it. It is  the heart of the evolution.

Culture follows values.
Practices follow Culture
Outcomes follow Practices

The Kanban Maturity Model maps 34 values against  7 maturity levels to make sure that everyone involved in a change  initiative finds their reason to support and cooperate in it.

People working at the front line of a business like having transparency in the real state of work and clear criteria for prioritizing and decision making. They like collaborating with each other as well as being trusted to take initiative and lead the development of their professional ideas.

Line managers value having an objective understanding of the internal process and the customer expectations to be able to deliver fit-for-purpose services. They appreciate working in well-coordinated, aligned, clear purpose-focused organization that also takes care of the balance in the workload as well as between demand and capability.

Senior managers aspire and strive to develop an organization with strong business focus, healthy competitiveness, data-driven decision-making habits and long-term survival thinking.

Achieving success in all these aspects is the challenge for a change initiative.
Therefore,  the upcoming KMM book includes coaching guidance on how to build trust  and improve the cohesion in your organization to make it easier to  introduce new ideas and better management practices.

Download the Culture poster to have a summary of inspiring ideas that will help you to make your Agile initiative desirable.

Use the Kanban Maturity Model
to make your Agile initiative
Desirable through Culture,
Feasible through Practices,
Viable through Outcomes
and Managed Evolution.

Start with heart.
Use the Kanban Practices to strengthen values and enable business outcomes.

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