Special Workshop for KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers

May 02, 2023 1 min read
Special Workshop for KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers

We believe that exploring Kanban together with your team increases the efficiency of your Kanban implementation. That is why we would like to encourage more teams to do so and we're ready to support them on their journey.

Workshop for existing KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers: 22nd of May 4 PM CET. Registration deadline: 16th of May

Workshop for NEW KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers: 15th of June 4 PM CEST. Sign-up and Registration deadline: 9th of June

About the Workshop:

"I don't like it!" How can we use dissatisfaction to run a successful change?

Identify and use three evolutionary change elements. Turn dissatisfaction into a successful improvement.

You will learn about:


  1. How to find them?
  2. How to identify which stressors are the most important for change and growth?

Reflection mechanism:

  1. Where can you take feedback from?
  2. Not only people. What other elements of our process are "talking to you"?

Act of leadership:

  1. Why is it not enough to complain?
  2. How can you use the stressors and reflection mechanism to define pragmatic goals?

A lot of organizations realize many projects that aim to improve their situation. But very often these actions meet with employees' resistance.

The workshop will help you to better understand how you can use the feedback you hear from employees or teammates in designing the improvements which will address their actual issues and challenges!

What will the workshop look like?

Introduction (30 minutes)
Workshop, working in small groups using the case study (30 minutes)
Wrap-up and Q&A (30 minutes)

Duration: 1h 30 minutes
Conditions: Free with active Corporate subscription
Capacity: 5 members from each company's corporate account.

Your workshop moderator: Anna Radzikowska, famous Kanban Trainer and Coach, CIIO of Mauvius Group Europe.


Existing KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers: look for the link in your mailbox (make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter to enable us to message you:)

NEW KMM Plus Corporate Subscribers: will receive the link after the upgrade.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Number of places is limited. Hurry up to register your team!

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